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Third storytelling salon of the Hartnack School

On December 21, 2020, the Hartnack School hosted its 3rd Storytelling Salon.

After a year that demanded a lot from all of us, presented us with unforeseen challenges, and required a culture of courage and trial and error from all of us, there was a need to create closeness and share optimism.

Given the "hard" lockdown, this storytelling salon could only be digital. Listeners and storytellers gathered in the early evening to share stories on the theme of "How someone or something made me happy - and I didn't expect it at all."

Thomas Mehldau, Iunona Guruli, Daria Makarova, Anke Petzold and Katarina Diamanti were brave and shared a special experience of happiness.

At the end, narrators and listeners alike looked back with satisfaction on an entertaining evening, professionally guided as always by our experienced salonnière Uta Sadowski-Lehmann.