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Professional Language Courses 

Professional language courses (PLC) are state-funded. Direct online booking is not possible here. All dates and information can be found in the relevant sections of this page. 

Basic modules:
Module B2

  • 400 teaching hours (à 45 minutes)
  • Telc examination B2

Module B2 with bridging element

  • 500 teaching hours
  • Telc examination B2 

Module C1

  • 400 teaching hours
  • Telc examination C1

Special modules:
Module A2

  • 400 teaching hours (incl. 100 hours of exam preparation)
  • Telc examination  A2

Module B1

  • 400 teaching hours (incl. 100 hrs. exam preparation)
  • Telc examination B1


Who can take part in a professional language course?

You want to learn German with reference to profession and you are:

  • Migrant
  • EU citizen 
  • German with migration background

For this you need: 

  • A certificate that is not older than 6 months or a Hartnackschule placement test.
  • Obligation or authorization to attend the course from BAMF, Jobcenter or from the Agentur für Arbeit.

Placement test

You don't have a language certificate or your certificate is older than 6 months? In this case we would ask you to take a placement test.


School Office
030 2102193
or via the contact form

Coordinator for BAMF-Courses
Mrs. Berra Ilkan-Boga
030 210 219 512

PLC-Courses Dates

Start End Level Time Format
29.08.2022 21.02.2023 B2 500 UE 08:45-12:00 physical
12.09.2022 31.01.2023 B2 400 UE 08:45-12:00 physical
12.09.2022 31.01.2023 C1 08:45-12:00 physical
04.10.2022 01.03.2023 B2 400 UE 08:45-12:00 physical
10.10.2022 13.03.2023 B2 400 UE 08:45-12:00 physical
17.10.2022 20.03.2023 C1 08:45-12:00 physical

PLC Academic Health Professions

The next professional language course  "Academic Health Professions" will take place from 04.10.2022 to 23.05.2023  (Mon.-Fr., 12:45-16:00).