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The management: Henning Lauterbach

Leiter der Hartnackschule Henning Lauterbach


After studying German/History at the Technical University of Berlin, Henning Lauterbach has been a language teacher for "German as a Foreign Language/Second Language" at the Hartnack School in Berlin since 1988. Since 1993 he has been principal and since 2013 managing school owner as well as chairman of the board of the Lauterbach Foundation.

The creative minds

At the side of our principal is the management team:

Monika-Szklarek-Wünsch: deputy head teacher

Hella Garbe: pedagogical department head (private customers)

Berra Ilkan-Boga: pedagogical department head (BAMF courses)

Petra Drenkert: pedagocical department head (digital learning)

Christoph Labersweiler: administrative manager service office

The management teams takes on board new ideas and suggestions for improvement and implements the most promising ones in project work.

You can reach us:                                                          





The office management

Under the leadership of our head of administration, our service team is at your disposal with advice and assistance.

You have questions?          We are happy to advise you.

          You need help?               Talk to us!

We are here for you: in our office,on the phone, by email.

+49 30 210 219 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (IK / BSK)                                                                                               (IK / BSK)



The commissioners

Diversity is not just a word for us. We have an international character and live diversity at the Hartnack School!

Our Diversity Commissioner sees her task in the promotion and enforcement of equal rights and equality of women and men as well as in the prevention of discrimination due to age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or religion. With regard to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), she supports the managing direcor in all measures that enable a better, conflict-free and tolerant coexistence.

Commissioner for Diversity: Berra Ilkan /

Diversität und Vielfalt


The motto of the Hartnackschule Berlin is quality with tradition. This applies to our customers and to our staff. The tasks of our quality management commissioner include the improvement of process quality, work quality and thus product and service quality.


Commissioner for Quality Management: Henning Lauterbach  /



Data protection is an important topic in Germany and is regulated, among other things - as in the European Union - by the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). Our external data protection officer ensures the protection of personal data of clients and employees.

External Data Protection Commissioner: Christian Scholtz  /









The board of examiners

The Hartnackschule Berlin is a licensed TestDaF and telc examination centre.

In addition to the TestDaF examination, all telc examinations from A1 to C2 and telc Medicine can be taken at our centre.

Furthermore, we also offer the internal certificate examination of the Hartnackschule Berlin (A1 - C2).

If you have any questions, please contact:

Coordinator telc / internal certificate examination: Frank Schöniger /

TestDaF - examination commissioner:                      Thomas Mehldau /

Examinations Berufssprachkurse (vocational language courses): Anke Petzold  /




Central Placement

Staff with many years of teaching experience and strong social and communication skills conduct placement tests for integration couses (IK) as wel as vocational language courses (BSK) at the Hartnackschule Berlin.

You would like to book an appointment?

Service Office:  +49 30 210 219 3

BSK Office:      +49 30 210 219 64 / 65



The QM Circle

The Hartnackschule Berlin has been an ISO 9001 certified educational institution since 2000. The pmanaging director Henning Lauterbach is also the quality management comissioner and forms the QM circle together with Gerd Dressler and Hella Garbe.

The QM Circle reviews the company processes through internal audits, which are documented by the QM Commissioner in the QM Manual. New processes are discussed, included in the manual and presented to the staff as a guide.

The Hartnackschule has been certified since 2000 by Bonn-based CERTQUA, a certification body for management systems accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS).

To ensure customer satisfaction, the QM circle regularly reviews the quality of our services so that the Hartnackschule can react flexibly to changes as a learning organization.


Our organigram