iPad classes

Learning German with iPads
at Hartnackschule Berlin!

From October 1st 2015 on, the Hartnackschule is going to implement digital teaching every month.
We will start with A1 courses and accompany you to B1. You can use your own iPad or rent one from the school. The course will take place from 9-12 and will cost 285 Euro per month.

Digital teaching greatly improves:

Next starting dates:
from 01.02.2015, 09.00 - 12.00 Uhr.

1)Why an iPad?
An iPad is very easy to use. You press intuitively the right button and swipe the screen. For all this you do not need good computer knowledge.
Ipads have a long lifespan, are very reliable, do not need any cords and the batteries last for up to 10 hours.