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B2 / C1

Preparation for everyday professional life, authentic documentation of an anamnesis, doctor's letter, physical examination, anatomy, specialized vocabulary, medication, abbreviations, conversation doctor-doctor / - laboratory / - nurse / - relatives, German health care system, exam preparation tasks (telc Deutsch B2-C1 Medicine).

Monthly payment is possible. 

The modules build on each other. Knowledge of the contents of module 1 is a prerequisite for successful participation in module 2.

Inter-module contents

This course includes intensive preparation for the specialty language examination at the medical boards. This includes the following aspects:

  • Doctor-patient communication (anamnesis interview, patient interview).
  • Written documentation of the case
  • Physician-doctor communication (case presentation, explaining technical terms

Course content Module 1 / 1st month

Use of authentic materials, common media, short films, online assignments, listening exercises, documentation in the hospital and in the practice.

  • Health care system in Germany
  • Basic medical vocabulary
  • Taking anamnesis (conducting/recording anamnesis)
  • Sensitization considering intercultural aspects
  • Medication - sensitization taking into account country-specific handling
  • Physical examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Abbreviations
  • Grammar - participant-oriented, content-adapted deepening/automatization/supplementation

Course content Module 2 / 2nd month

Use of authentic materials, common media, short films, online tasks, listening exercises, necessary documentation for everyday professional life
Patient presentation / doctor-doctor conversation

  • Conversation with relatives
  • Written communication (doctor's letter)
  • Oral communication with colleagues
  • Inquiries (laboratory, other wards)
  • Service handover (verbal and written / email)
  • Making telephone calls
  • Expressing wishes, criticizing, making a suggestion/counter-suggestion, finding a compromise
  • Professional lecture
  • Exam preparation (telc German B2/C1 Medicine, specialist language exam before the medical association)
  • Exam simulation / mock exam with evaluation
  • Grammar - participant-oriented, content-adapted consolidation/automatization/supplementation


After the course there is the possibility to take the exam telc Deutsch B2 / C1 Medizin at Hartnackschule Berlin.

Written and oral exam at the same date.
The exam can also be taken without prior course booking.
Examination fee: 150,00 EUR
The examination result will be available approx. 4 weeks after taking the examination.

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