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German test for immigrants

The Hartnackschule Berlin is a telc examination center and regularly conducts German tests for immigrants A2/ B1 (DTZ).

The European Language Certificates are a system of language tests based on the Council of Europe's Framework of Reference for Language Learning. Different skills are tested at different levels.

The exams are based on central tasks, organized throughout Europe according to uniform rules and evaluated according to identical evaluation guidelines.

The examination fee is 95,00 €, for participants of the integration course the examination is free of charge.

You can find the DTZ exam dates here:

Important Information:

The registration deadline is no later than 25 calendar days before the exam date. (If a late registration is possible, this can be done with a fee of 30 €.).  To register, we request you to visit our  office during our opening hours

registration deadline                                                     writing                                           oralley

December 16th,.2022                                             January 14th, 2022                 January  17th/18th, 2022

January 13th, 2022                                                  February 11th,2022                February 14th/15th,2022

February 10th, 2022                                                March 11th, 2022                    March 14th/15th, 2022        

March 31st, 2022                                                    April 22th, 2022                       April 25zh/26th, 2022

April 21st, 2022                                                       May 20th, 2022                       May 23rd/24th, 2022

May 12th, 2022                                                       June 10th, 2022                      June 13th/14th, 2022

June 23rd,2022                                                      July 22nd, 2022                       July 25th726th, 2022                        



Covid 19 exam conditions: On the day of the exam you will need a valid negative test, or a certificate that you have recovered from Covid 19 (longer than 28 days / shorter than 6 months) or a certificate stating that you have been vaccinated for the second time in more than 14 days. If you don't have any of the certificates, you will be tested in-house. Thank you for your understanding!

Contact for questions

School Office
Phone: 030 210 219 3